Sunrise Spa Classic 980S

Sunrise Spa Classic 980S


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980 S – 230v

Seats: 6 Person No Lounge
Number of Jets: 61 Two-Tone Hydrotherapy Jets
Dimensions: 90” x 94” x 36”, 229 x 239 x 91cm
Water Capacity: 463 US Gallons, 1,753 Litres

The 980 S – 230v hot tub features an impressive 61 two-tone hydrotherapy jets!

The powerful back, calf and foot jets are all powered by two 5.0SPL dual speed jet pumps. (note: Pumps differ in European models. See spec sheet for details.) Up to 6 bathers can comfortably enjoy the spacious bench and bucket seating with the multi-colour LED waterfall, interior and exterior lighting.

Sunrise Classic Collection Platform:

  • Galvanized SureSteel Frame
  • Insulated Bottom Tray
  • Manifold Plumbing System
  • Triple Seal Protection
  • Polysteel Cabinetry
  • Layered ROCKWOOL® Insulation

S Series – 230V Optional Features

  • Deluxe Acrylic Colour Upgrade
  • Factory Installed Ozone System
  • UV/ODeluxe Water Management System
  • Bluetooth Audio System
  • Deluxe Wi-Fi Systems Controller

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Afmetingen 229 × 239 × 90 cm


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